October 24, 2019

IMG_4758Hey everyone, I’m back! I took a little time off from performing to focus on fatherhood and work. But of course I started getting that old familiar itch, and it’s time to start rocking some gigs again.

It took a little coaxing from my good friend Chris McDonald of the LeBarons. He’s been offering me shows for the last year and if I didn’t take him up on an offer sooner than later those offers would surely stop coming in. So my next gig is Friday November 15th in Toronto at the Junction City Music Hall with the LeBarons. I’ve had a few rehearsals in the last couple of weeks, and I plan to get 3 or 4 more in before the gig. It’s mostly just shaking off some rust, getting my stage legs under me again, and getting my vocals back in some form respectable shape.

I’ve been recording whenever time allows. I have a couple of songs ready to go. Just waiting to get a few guest vocal spots recorded before I release them. I also have a bunch of half finished songs in the bag. Something else exciting is that I recently discovered an entire recording session from 2007 that was I thought was lost. It was recorded during many late nights/early mornings at my rehearsal space. It’s going to take some work to get a decent mix out of it, but hopefully it will see the light of day and become available sometime soon.

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